Top 4 Curious facts about teeth

We know that teeth help us to bite and chew our meals, we also know that we must have a good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. That’a why we are going to tell you some curious facts about teeth  that your dentist never told you.

– Tooth bank

If there are blood banks, why not dental banks? In Norway, children can donate their milk teeth and help science.

These teeth serve to know how contaminants affect the health of mother and children. This curious bank already works with more than 100 thousand children. We assume that the tooth fairy pays double for such an important contribution.

– Buddha’s tooth

The Buddhists keep as a divine object a tooth that would be from the Buddha himself.

This tooth is exhibited in the city of Kandy in Siri Lanka, in a place that, interestingly, is called Temple of the Tooth. In ancient times, this canine was passed from king to king, since to possess it meant to have the power.

– John Lennon’s tooth

It is a molar with decay that Lennon gave to the daughter of her housekeeper, a fan of the group.

Today, with John Lennon already deceased, that tooth has a new owner: A dentist who paid $ 30 thousand dollars for it, to study the DNA, create a sequence and one day clone Lennon.

– What was the first toothpaste and toothbrush?

There is evidence from the times of Ancient Egypt that confirms the use of primitive tools made of twigs to brush their teeth.

The first object that was created resembling a toothbrush was invented by the Chinese, the handle was made of bamboo and had boar bristles to clean the teeth.

As for the toothpaste has traveled a long way to get to the chemical concoctions of fresh mint that we know today, the first ingredients that were used were a little unpleasant as burnt ashes, eggshells, crushed bones and all kinds of raw material that you would not want now in your mouth.


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