Smile with confidence again and enjoy this Caribbean paradise with these top traveling tips for your next dental vacation:

Spend less and get more.

If you can choose the date of your appointment, we recommend coming during the “low season” to avoid tourist crowds. Flights and accommodation are less expensive from September through early November, and during May.

Packing light.


Don’t drag a big bag, we recommend you make a packing list, start your packing process days ahead of your departure date, if you create a packing list is a safe way to ensure that you never forget to bring something important. Keep your valuable belongings in your carry-on bag (passport, id, money, credit cards, and electronics, among others).


Finding a suitable accommodation.

This step is a crucial part of your trip, the most commonly known type of accommodation are hotels. In Cancun, hotels offer a choice of all-inclusive and European plans so you can choose what is best for you adjusting to your budget.

Think about the pros and cons of where you sleep, ask about your accommodation’s accessibility details before you book.

Medication and Health.

We recommend you heed our doctors advice, if you are traveling with prescription medication, be sure to keep the pills inside their proper bottles.

Travelers should always have their important medications in their carry-on and keep them handy.

Eat local food.

Taste a bit of everything, especially if you don’t know what it is. Discover new flavors. If you have a new teeth and a strong bite don’t forget to prove our delicious typical food. One of the best places to taste authentic Mexican seafood is El Galeon. This restaurant serves local seafood options like ceviches, cocktails and its popular pescadillas.

Beside in our dental clinic you will receive the high quality care and will save up to 70% on dental treatments. If you are looking for more recommendations about your trip, don’t doubt and get in contact with our dental staff. They will answer your questions and will give you the special care that you deserve.

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