Visit Crococun Zoo on your dental implant vacation in Cancun

Visit an interactive crocodile zoo on your vacation in Cancun!

Lots of people who come here for a dental vacation and to get dental implants in Cancun also bring their family along. After all, Cancun is a great vacation spot for all ages. Children and teenagers will have plenty of fun at the pools, the beach or even a water park, while older members of the family can relax with a margarita, have a walk in the beach or go shopping on one of the many modern malls in Cancun.

Crocodiles in CancunEven then there’s one particular activity that everyone no matter their age will surely love to do! Croco Cun Zoo its an lovely conservationist interactive zoo located about 20 minutes from Cancun that is filled with crocodiles. This place has been working for the last 30 years to conserve and protect local fauna and rescue endangered animals from risk situations, not only crocodiles. While the recent increase of urban development in the region, their efforts have doubled and now house everything from spider monkeys, white tailed deers, and all sorts of birds like macaws, tucans and also snakes.



Visit Crococun Zoo on your dental implant vacation in Cancun

A visit to the Croco Cun Zoo consists of a tour with a guide that speaks both English and Spanish, as this is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. The guides will tell you safety tips about the animals before starting the tour. Remember, these are tame animals but they are not pets! Give them space and only touch the ones the guides allow you to. They will explain every detail about the animals and their habitat. You will be able to buy feed for the crocodiles and the other animals, which depending on the type it could be fed by you or the guide to ensure your safety.



The animals here are well taken care of and this also reflects on the happy faces of children and adults who are simply delighted to meet these impressive creatures. The guided tours lasts about an hour. There’s also a souvenir shop and a cafeteria to buy refreshments. If you are an animal lover this is a must stop! The perfect complement for your dental implant vacation in Cancun.