Questions about dental implants cost in Cancun

We answer your questions about dental implants in Cancun!

How can I tell a dentist is good with dental implants?

You need to ask about the training the dentists has done, and how much experience the dentists has with dental implants. You would be surprised to learn that some doctors barely set a dozen implants a year, because their cost is almost prohibitive in USA and Canada. Meanwhile, we have had over 5,000 patients over the years who came looking for cheaper dental implant treatments. We have a collection of video testimonials from our patients who can vouch for our professional service and expertise.

How old do I need to be to have dental implants?

We get this question a lot. Some people think they are too young to get dental implants after they lost one or several teeth in an accident and believe dental implants are only for older people who need dentures. In most cases, you can get dental implants as soon as you have stopped growing, after adolescence. In fact we had several patients who had lost all their upper teeth and suffered for years. Now they could not believe why didn’t get them sooner; they feel like a new more confident person. Getting dental implants to restore their smiles have changed their lives dramatically.


Additionally, implants can be used with older people, who benefit the most after becoming completely edentulous who have struggled with regular bulky dentures. The doctor will have to see an x-ray or perhaps CT-scan to check the density and healthiness of an older patient’s bone to ensure there is enough space to work with depending on the technique and type of dental implant to be used (regular, wide, narrow, mini implant). Otherwise, bone graft can be an option. The doctor will also check for any signs of gum disease in either case as that could affect the success of the bone bonding with a dental implant.

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