Oral irrigators

What is an Oral Irrigator and how do they work?

We at our dental clinic in Cancun, have come to realize we must help everyone to understand about the proper care of their mouth, specially now if they have gotten dental implants in Cancun. While dental implants and the crowns don’t get cavities like natural teeth that doesn’t give people a free pass to forgo their daily brushing and flossing. Plaque and tartar will still accumulate over and around the implants and gum so is imperative that you take all the necessary steps to ensure your dental implants will last for years to come.




The oral irrigator is a small device to be used in conjunction with your toothbrush and floss for at least once a day. This might be the first time you have heard about a Oral Irrigator (or water flosser). They produce a stream of pulsing pressured water to clean any food particles between your teeth and at the edges of your gums. This will improve your overall gingival health.


How do I use an oral irrigator?

318px-Water_FlosserThere are several brands of oral irrigators, but the Waterpik is one of the most common ones. To use it you must first brush your teeth and floss normally, then you will need to fill a small compartment with water from the tap. Make sure you are at the sink to avoid spillage!


Depending on your model, you will be able to set up the strength and pulse. You will have to point the water stream between your teeth and the edge of the gums to remove the plaque. Move from the back to the front and from the outside and the inside of your mouth. When you first use the oral irrigator, your gums might bleed a little. This is a sign that the gums are inflamed. With regular daily use, your gums will get healthier for the lack of plaque. 


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