What is conscious sedation?

At many medical centers they carry out treatments with sedation dentistry (formerly called “conscious sedation”), so today we will talk about this interesting topic in the dental field.

Using conscious sedation leads the patient to a state of relaxed consciousness, leaving intact the breathing reflexes. This novel technique of sedation requires knowledge and training of professionals. It is ideal for different treatments, especially when placing dental implants.

Advantage is that it can preserve the response of the patient against different stimuli, and can collaborate with the dentist wherever necessary. There is also some degree of amnesia, allowing that the patient does not remember what has happened during the treatment.

Some points that must be taken into account during conscious sedation are that it might be necessary to be accompanied in the following hours with some family or responsible person while they wait out the effects. We will ask you to stay in one of our units until you are fine again.

Note that this type of sedation comes from a need to provide patients the tranquility they are looking for during their dental treatments, which can become increasingly complex and lengthy depending on the treatment. Additionally to decrease anxiety and nervous stress, minimize involuntary movements that make it difficult for the dental treatment is becoming a favorite among patients. We can provide sedation at an extra fee by a licensed anesthesiologist as required by Mexican law. This is not necessary as you can do well with local anesthesia, but you can talk with our doctors during your evaluation to see what is best for you.

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