Dental Implant Rehabilitation in Cancun

What is dental implant rehabilitation?

If you are looking at our web means you are interested on replacing a missing tooth with one or more dental implants in Cancun. Is important that you know before hand the process of setting a dental implant in your mouth.

After doing a thorough clinical evaluation with panoramic x-rays or even CT-scans, the doctor will be able to tell if the bone in the area is strong enough and has good volume or if it will require a bone graft. Once that’s done, the patient is prepared with local anesthesia or even with sedation (not truly asleep, but you won’t remember anything from the procedure). If there are any bad teeth needing extraction the doctor will take this moment to take them out and then use special drills to make hole for the dental implant. The size of the drilled hole will depend on the width of the titanium dental implant. The implant will be slowly screwed it so it fits perfectly and has great primary stability. After that, the doctor will place a healing cap and stitch back the flaps of the gums to close the worked area.

Now… we wait. The dental implant will remain “hidden” under the gums for a few months. The waiting time is needed for the bone to heal and bind itself around the porous surface of the dental implant and it will depend on many factors like age, gender, health, volume, etc. After a few months you will come back to the dental clinic in Cancun to rehabilitate the dental implant. This consist on opening the gum again, retire the healing caps, and finally place the new crown that will allow it to function as a tooth. This second process it the one we call rehabilitation. Once that’s done, you will be ready to bite and chew normally.

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