Why are dental implants in Cancun cheaper than in USA?

Why are Dental Implants in Cancun cheaper than in USA?

Why are the prices on dental implants in Cancun so cheap? You should rather think “why are they so high where I live?”, because we use the same quality of materials, and these procedures can also be done in only a couple of days. So… what’s the deal with that?

Perhaps one of the main reasons is that the rate of the cost on health sectors in other countries have shot through the roof thanks to inflation. This explains why only a third of American adults will be getting much needed dental care per year. By some accounts, 60% to 80% of the costs of dentistry in USA goes to the administrative expenses on dental practices

Taking that in consideration you can see why we have such low prices. The cost of our rents compared to those in USA and Canada, making us able to offer a much cheaper alternative to everyone in need of extensive dental work without compromising the professionalism, quality and materials of your treatment.

The dental products and equipment we use are all made on USA and are FDA approved. Mexico does NOT make dental materials from scratch so everything we us comes from USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, etc. From the Nobel Biocare implants, to our big digital panoramic x-ray machine, we use the best equipment available at all times! So if you are thinking on doing dental implant procedures you should probably start planning for a dental vacation. While you get a dental vacation here in sunny Cancun you will get a great result in just a couple of days. Get a Hollywood smile, a sparkling smile here with us in sunny Cancun!

We have facilities so good that the American Academy of Implant Dentistry holds their famous Live Implant Training Maxicourse at our dental clinic in Cancun.

If you want to know more about Dental Implants in Cancun call toll free from USA and Canada 1-800-701-6039, or if you are already on vacation in Cancun and want to meet us, you can call us for an appointment at the following local number (998) 1-40-51-25.