Dental Implants fail

Why do Dental Implants fail?

There is very little chance that a dental implant will fail after placement, in fact, the success rate is over 90%. However, as in any treatment, complications may occur, usually related to persistent anesthesia in the adjacent nerves or if there was penetration of the maxillary sinuses and nasal cavity.

These complications are not frequent as long as an experienced specialist places the implants and that these are of high quality. But the most important thing is to perform a previous medical assessment, to make sure that dental implants are the best option depending on your overall health and medical conditions.

Even though there is lots of information on this subject there are misconceptions that most people believe when opting for the treatment of dental implants, the most common are:

  • That dental implants require less care than natural teeth.
  • That implant treatment is appropriate for all patients who have lost teeth.
  • That dental implants last longer than natural teeth and that there are no risks or complications in implant treatment.

As in any treatment there are risk factors that can make the success of dental implants difficult. When receiving radiation therapy the success rate will be somewhat lower, the same is true for diabetic patients. In patients with heart disease, an adequate and detailed clinical history should be performed before starting treatment. And finally, as we all know, smoking is harmful in all respects, so it is expected you stop smoking to avoid increasing the risk of failure of treatment of dental implants.

Regarding general health, there are relative contraindications that are important to take into account before taking the treatment; it is important to proceed with caution with patients who have suffered a heart attack, have angina pectoris, patients undergoing anticoagulant therapy, patients with renal insufficiency, arthritis, rheumatism, anemia, lupus, respiratory failure, osteoporosis and with patients suffering from psychiatric illness as they might get upset during the procedure.

We advise you always check with our professional doctors to carry out a previous medical evaluation and advise you on the best treatment according to your needs and general dental health.

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